Lucky Daughter Wins $200,000 Pick 5 Prize Playing Dad’s Favorite Digits

Plans to share some of the prize with him

A father-daughter team of Pick 5 fans have played the same number — 83125 — since he received a free Pick 5 ticket with that number in a Maryland Lottery promotion last year. That number hit on March 24, but only the daughter was a winner that day — a four-time winner, to be exact!

The Kent County resident plays Pick 5 sporadically and stopped on the morning of March 24 at Talegate Market in Millington to buy gas. She also happened to buy four Pick 5 tickets, each a $1 straight bet, using her dad’s 83125 digits for the March 24 midday drawing.

The manufacturing employee checked the winning numbers for the drawing using her phone at around 1 p.m. that afternoon and couldn’t believe her eyes.

“I was in shock,” she said. “I just kept looking at it.” Shen then asked her dad to help confirm her big win and he did. She won $50,000 on each of the four tickets for a total prize of $200,000!

The lucky lady hid the four tickets in her bedroom and kept checking on them regularly to make sure they were safe. Her parents joined the winner for the drive from the Eastern Shore to Lottery headquarters in Baltimore, where she claimed her prize on Tuesday. She said her dad didn’t play his lucky number in that drawing, and so missed out on his big win. She is still considering her plans for her $200,000 prize and said she may help him get a new vehicle and might go on a beach vacation.

Her lucky Lottery retailer can also celebrate. For selling four $50,000-winning Pick 5 tickets, Talegate Market located at 198 Sassafras Street in Millington will earn a total bonus of $2,000 from the Lottery.