Lucky Feeling Leads to Big Win for Frederick Caregiver

50X The Cash game delivers $50,000 prize

It was just a feeling, the Frederick woman told Lottery officials. “Something” told her to splurge, just this once, on a scratch-off that she normally considers too expensive. She listened, picked out a $10 instant ticket and experienced the biggest win of her life.

“This was probably only the third ticket I bought this year,” said the employee of a home health agency. “I just don’t play often.” Earlier this week, however, while visiting Walmart #2756 in Frederick, it happened. “I can’t explain it any other way, it was just a feeling, a very specific feeling.” Our winner headed straight for the store’s Lottery vending machine.

When she’s purchased scratch-offs in the past, she bought $1, $2 and $3 games. “I knew that I was supposed to spend more than usual, so I looked for a $10 ticket.” The game that caught her eye was 50X The Cash, which debuted last month. This new game has seven remaining $100,000 top prizes as well as seven $50,000 second-tier prizes.

“My fiancée and I couldn’t believe it when we saw what we’d won. I told him, ‘This can’t mean what I think it means.’” The pair downloaded the Lottery app and were soon convinced that their $50,000 win was real. “I started shaking…and laughing.” When asked about the laughter, the lucky caregiver attributed it to “the feeling I got in the store. I knew I was going to win.”

Her lucky Frederick County retailer is located at 2421 Monocacy Boulevard.

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