Lucky Numbers Fall into Place for $50,000 Powerball Double Play Prize

Woodlawn retiree daydreamed winning digits

The Jan. 30 Powerball drawing was only hours away when a Woodlawn resident walked into ShopRite of Howard Park in Baltimore and bought a $3 ticket. He added the Double Play option to his ticket for $1, which made the numbers on his ticket eligible to win in both the Powerball drawing and the Double Play drawing.

The Lottery fan, who said he has decades of experience with jackpot games, played his own set of numbers. How did he select them? “I was daydreaming when I wrote the numbers down,” said the Baltimore County man. His daydream turned out to be very lucky, as he matched four of the first five numbers and the Power Ball number in the Jan. 30 Double Play drawing to land a $50,000 prize.

The federal government retiree has enjoyed playing Lottery games in Maryland and Washington, D.C., since he won $250 the first time he played. He buys tickets from time to time, playing Powerball, Mega Millions, Pick 3 and Pick 4. “If I don’t hit for a while, I don’t play for a while,” he said.

The happy winner plans to pay bills with his windfall and share some of the prize with a few members of his family. His lucky retailer, ShopRite of Howard Park, is located at 4601 Liberty Heights Avenue in Baltimore City.

The estimated annuity value for the Wednesday, Feb. 1 Powerball drawing is $653 million, the eighth-largest in Powerball history. The estimated cash option is $350.5 million.