Milk Run Leads Bowie Woman to $1 Million Lottery Win

Scratch-off novice claims top prize on Million Dollar Mega Multiplier instant ticket

A Bowie woman’s trip to the store to buy milk led to a Lottery scratch-off win so big that she could, if she wished, buy her own herd of dairy cows. The lucky lady scored a $1 million top prize on a Million Dollar Mega Multiplier scratch-off.

The Prince George’s County resident remembered that she needed to stop for milk while on her way home. The 22-year-old pulled in at 7-Eleven #11571, which is located at 9464 Lanham Severn Drive in Prince George’s County. While in the Lanham store, the novice player decided to try her luck with a scratch-off. She recalled that her mom, who is an avid scratch-off player, enjoys playing the Million Dollar Mega Multiplier game. The new player took her chances with the $20 instant ticket and became the state’s newest millionaire.

She didn’t discover her good fortune until later that day. She and her mom were in her room when the novice player began scratching the instant ticket and spotted a $50,000 match. Already excited, she kept scratching and revealing more $50,000 matches until it dawned on her that she won the game’s $1 million top prize.

“I jumped on the bed and started laughing,” the happy winner said. “My mom started crying.”

In addition to her mother, only one other family member knows of her $1 million win. The lucky Lottery novice can’t wait to use her windfall to buy a home. She also plans to invest some of the funds and help family members and friends who are in need.

She just started work at a preschool, the player said. When not working, she enjoys spending her time reading, writing and playing video games.

The lucky Lottery retailer, 7-Eleven #11571, will receive a $1,000 bonus from the Lottery for its role in selling a top-prize winning scratch-off worth $1 million. This game offers 30 chances to win and has five $1 million top prizes remaining along with five $50,000 prizes and 115 $10,000 prizes.