Powerball Win Sends Metro’s ‘Big Bossman’ to Winner’s Circle

Discovering his $6 ticket carried a $50,000 Powerball prize stunned “Big Bossman” of Accokeek.

Accokeek resident wins $50,000 prize

Discovering he won a third-tier Powerball prize in the Sept. 14 drawing stopped a Metro engineer from Accokeek in his tracks. He kept scanning his Powerball ticket over and over in disbelief.

“I went to check my ticket at a scanner and it said ‘Congratulations,’” the winner said. “I thought the machine was broken. Then, I went to another scanner and it said ‘Congratulations.’ Once I found out I won, I didn’t realize it was $50,000, I thought it was $5. There were a lot more zeros.”

The Prince George’s County resident was indeed a $50,000 winner. Nicknaming himself “Big Bossman” for the story of his Lottery win, the player said he was on his way to work the night shift at the Washington Metro when he bought his lucky ticket. “Big Bossman” stopped at Fort Washington’s Tantallon Exxon to purchase the $6 ticket, which had two lines of personal numbers and quick-pick line. His personal set of numbers won!

The 63-year-old buys tickets at that gas station four nights a week for Mega Millions and Powerball. The Prince George’s County business located at 10815 Indianhead Highway now has achieved lucky retailer status.

“Big Bossman” plans to pay off bills with his prize but is undecided about plans for the rest of the windfall. The car enthusiast, who owns seven vehicles, said he might spend some money on his hobby.

The Powerball jackpot is still on a roll and sits at an estimated $300 million annuity for the Wednesday, Sept. 28 drawing. The estimated cash value is $159.2 million.