Parkville Keno Player Follows Intuition, Wins $100,000

Lucky lady matches all 10 numbers on ticket

Playing a few rounds of Keno with her mom on Thursdays and Saturdays is a Parkville woman’s favorite routine. She treasures their time together as they play their favorite Lottery game.

The mother-daughter team visits a variety of local retailers. The daughter, who wound up with a $100,000 Keno win that brought her to Lottery headquarters, places bets using 10-spot personal number combinations. She’s won numerous small prizes over the years that she used to pay bills. The lucky lady also is inspired in her number selections by intuition and signs, which played a role in the numbers she picked for her recent $100,000 win.

The Baltimore County woman was out for a walk on the lucky Thursday when her big win occurred, and found a $5 bill, a $1 bill and one penny. No sooner did she start wondering about the significance of those lucky finds than a downpour began. “I consider rain a personal blessing,” she said.

She stayed in the car while her mom ran inside one Lottery retailer only to return carrying three pennies found outside the store. That find had our winner pondering, again, if she should consider the number of pennies found that day in her Keno number selection. The women drove to one of their favorite retailers next, 8 Days a Week Liquor in Parkville.

Our winner placed a 10-spot bet for two drawings, choosing numbers that popped into her head: 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 20, 24 and 28. When she told another player she hadn’t hit more than seven or eight of the 10 numbers before, he tapped her shoulder, told her she was going to hit all 10 and left the store.

As the numbers appeared on the screen, one by one, the loyal Keno player got more and more excited and even attracted the store owner’s attention. “Then I saw the 28, then I saw the 24 and then the top row,” she recalled. “I didn’t see the 10, I was ok with nine out of 10.”

But when she turned her back on the Keno monitor and told the owner the 10 hadn’t popped up, he told her to look at the screen again. “It was like a supernatural experience,” the winner said.

She plans to pay bills with her prize, buy a few treats for her mom, adult son and dog, and use some of the funds and help homeless people.

Her lucky Lottery retailer is also a winner. For selling a winning Keno ticket of $100,000, 8 Days a Week Liquor located at 1700 Taylor Avenue in Parkville will receive a bonus of $1,000 from the Lottery.