Pennsylvania Man Finds Lottery Luck in Maryland

Powerball delivers $50,000 win for cross-border player

A resident of Shrewsbury, Pa., visited Maryland Lottery Headquarters on June 22 to claim the biggest win of his life. The insurance agent said he has been playing lottery games for years in his home state and in Maryland, and while he’s won as much as $1,000 several times, he really never imagined that $50,000 worth of luck would ever come his way.

“My work keeps me on the road a lot, on both sides of the border, so I’ve had a chance to play all kinds of lottery games,” the 74-year-old husband, father and grandfather said. “Even with so much to choose, I usually end up playing the big jackpot games, Powerball and Mega Millions.” It was a Powerball ticket he purchased in April that delivered his surprising $50,000 win. His lucky lottery retailer was the A Plus convenience store at the Mobil gas station at 11416 York Road in Hunt Valley.

The Pennsylvania man learned of his April win just last week.

“I play every week, but I check the tickets only every month or so,” he explained.  “When the cashier told me that I’d won $50,000, I was sure she had misread it. I was shocked, couldn’t say a word. The staff at the store, though, were making plenty of noise.”

As one might expect of an insurance man, he plans to dedicate the bulk of his winnings to savings. He added that he’ll stick to his “bi-state” lottery routine.

“I enjoy it, it keeps my mind occupied while making the long drives, imagining what I’ll do with the prize money,” he said

Powerball tickets are $2 and drawings are held on Wednesday and Saturday nights and can be seen at 11:22 p.m. on WBAL-TV.