Phoenix Co-Workers Split $50,000 Powerball Prize Four Ways

“The Power Four,” who all work in Phoenix, didn’t strike it rich but split a $50,000 pot thanks to a third-tier Powerball win in the Nov. 2 drawing.

Last-minute office pool plan pays off for the ‘The Power Four’

The game plan was to win and retire, but four co-workers in Phoenix will continue in their professions with a little extra cash on hand, thanks to a $50,000 third-tier Powerball win in the Nov. 2 drawing.

Going by the name “The Power Four” to tell their story of winning, the women all commute to work from homes in Baltimore and Harford counties and from York County in Pennsylvania. “The Power Four” pool their resources when the jackpot gets large. For the Nov. 2 drawing, they put in $20 each and got 40 tickets from 7-Eleven #19925 at 14215 Jarrettsville Pike in Phoenix.

While “The Power Four” play the Lottery as a group, the decision to buy tickets for the Nov. 2 drawing was a spur-of-the-moment decision. As is common practice, one of “The Power Four” participants bought the tickets and shared images, showing all of them to the group. “At 4 a.m., I woke up the next day and started checking. Not a winner, not a winner, $4, then $50,000,” said the player who bought the tickets.

She let the others in the group know: “I think we won something!”

While collecting their winnings on Nov. 4 at Lottery headquarters in Baltimore, the four reflected on their plans for the unexpected bonus. One player said her four kids will get an extra-good Christmas while another plans to buy a high-quality pool cue. A third player will paint the inside of her house and the fourth plans to pay off some bills.

Winning the jackpot, however, remains the goal. As they left Lottery headquarters, they reported having “already bought tickets for the next one.” That was the Nov. 5 drawing for $1.6 billion. No one hit all five numbers plus the Powerball, so the jackpot is $1.9 billion for the Monday, Nov. 7 drawing. That prize is most definitely enough for four people to retire on!