Power Goes Off, Luck Turns On Leading to $50,000 Lottery Hit in Baltimore

“Ravens Girl” of Baltimore experienced a Maryland Lottery lucky streak that included a $50,000 scratch-off win, thanks to a power outage in her neighborhood.

‘Ravens Girl’ nixes casino plan in favor of scratch-offs and finds big score

Malfunctioning electrical equipment in Baltimore led to a Lottery winning streak that included a $50,000 scratch-off score for “Ravens Girl.”

The 46-year-old city resident took a day off work this week to rest, but a power outage meant no air conditioning and that meant resting was out of the question. Instead, she ran errands. One of those errands was to cash out a winning scratch-off worth $20. With her winnings, “Ravens Girl” bought more scratch-offs and hit for $500 on one and $20 on another. Thrilled, she cashed those out and made plans to go to a casino.

“Then I said, ‘No, let me buy scratch-offs,’” the lucky winner recounted to Lottery officials after claiming her $50,000 payday. She bought her instant tickets at King’s Korner Market, 1713 Federal Street, in Baltimore. The fourth one she scratched was the $20 100X The Cash game and the first thing she noticed was a bold type 100X on the last line.

“I figured it was going to be $5 for a $500 win; nothing big,” she said. Then, “Ravens Girl” scratched to reveal $500, which shakes out to $50,000. She didn’t believe her eyes, so she showed her dad who confirmed the scratch-off was a big winner.

“I just said, ‘Oh my gosh!’ I was shaking. I have never had luck like this before!” she said.

The following evening, “Ravens Girl” and two cousins were out enjoying steamed crabs and she told them of her win. Feeling lucky, she decided to play the Lottery’s simulated horse racing game Racetrax and won another couple of hundred dollars!

The lucky lady plans to take her cousins out for a “whatever they want” celebration in honor of her winning streak. In addition, she wants to pay off the loan on her car, so the windfall will come in handy.

“I’m glad the power went out!” she said.

The 100X The Cash instant ticket went on sale in November and is a member of a family of multiplier games. The instant ticket has a top prize of $1 million, of which three remain unclaimed. The second-tier $50,000 prize claimed by “Ravens Girl” was the fifth of eight, so three more remain unclaimed.

Other tickets in the X Multiplier family include 5X The Cash, 10X The Cash, 20X The Cash and 50X the Cash scratch-offs.