Power Play Multiplier Triples Mt. Rainier Man’s Powerball Prize to $150,057

A 67-year-old Mt. Rainier man tripled his Powerball prize to $150,057 with the Power Play feature.

Played his own numbers to capture big win

A 67-year-old Powerball fan is one lucky player today. The Prince George’s County resident played his favorite game using numbers from life experiences, birthdays and addresses to win a $150,057 third-tier prize in the Wednesday, Oct. 19 drawing.

Robert Brown has played a combination of his lucky numbers for years. He follows the Powerball game’s jackpot rolls and plays weekly. The Mt. Rainier resident said he often thought that one day his numbers would hit.

“I’ve said many times that, ‘I might just get lucky,’” said the winner, smiling. He sure did!

Last Wednesday, Robert planned to play his numbers as usual. He visited Kaywood Liquors located at 2205 Varnum Street in Mt. Rainier and played five lines of Powerball, adding the Power Play and Double Play options for $20. He pocketed his ticket and went on about his day. Robert said he was in bed that night when he decided to check his ticket for a win in the Oct. 19 drawing.

“I saw I matched a few numbers and the red Powerball,” said the father of an adult daughter. “I knew I had a winner.”

The next day, Robert took his ticket to one of his favorite Lottery retailers and had an employee scan it. The cashier told him he won $150,057 and needed to go to Baltimore to claim his prize! His ticket matched four white balls and the red Powerball for a $50,000 win. But, he paid that extra $1 for the Power Play multiplier feature, which was x3, increasing his win to $150,057!

Robert shared the good news with his daughter and she made an appointment for him to claim his prize. His sister drove him to Lottery headquarters this week to do just that. Robert told Lottery officials that he plans to pay off some credit card bills with his winnings and will purchase a new car.