Office Pool Dubbed ‘Powerball Six’ Shakes Up the Workplace with Lucky Lottery Win

The anonymous “Powerball Six” have lots of fun in mind for their $50,000 shared fortune.

Group claims $50,000 prize in Oct. 17 drawing

Years have passed since a group of coworkers decided to join together and create an office Lottery pool. The “Powerball Six” won small prizes over the years, but nothing that any of the group would consider significant. But after reinvesting those small prizes and keeping to their same sets of lucky numbers, they wound up with a $50,000 Powerball win.

The designated leader of the six coworkers is a 61-year-old Laurel resident. He visited Lee’s Market located at 338 Brock Ridge Road in Laurel where he frequently buys tickets for the group. The leader learned of their win in the Oct. 17 drawing just before midnight. He checked their ticket one number at a time. Once he confirmed their win, he happily sent a group text letting the “Powerball Six” know about their win.

The players hail from Baldwin, Baltimore, Forest Hill, Laurel and Reisterstown. They range in age from 33 to 66.

While the leader usually buys the tickets, which always include the Double Play option, a Harford County resident happily serves as second in command to perform ticket-buying duties when the leader goes on vacation. Another member, a Baltimore County woman, selected the winning ticket’s Powerball number of 25.

The happy “Powerball Six,” who remained so anonymous they declined to say where they work or even where the company is located, were elated about their shared prize. “We finally got lucky,” one member stated. “I almost had a heart attack,” another member said. “It’s probably spam,” another member recalls thinking when she received the group text about the $50,000 win.

And then a fourth member of the group contributed their thoughts they were “just one digit off” from winning the jackpot!

Most of the “Powerball Six” have plans for their share of the prize. One member will share the prize with family members. A few members planned to save the fortune, do home improvements and spoil friends with a spa day.