Powerball Delivers ‘Unexpected Blessing’ to Pikesville Mom

$100,000 win dedicated to college fund

While visiting family members in Prince George’s County last week, a Pikesville woman followed along when her sister stopped at a Lottery retailer near the restaurant where they were dining.

An “inkling” was how her sister described the feeling that compelled her to buy a Lottery game there and that notion proved especially lucky for our winner. “I buy a ticket every once in a while, mainly the big jackpot games,” said the 65-year-old Baltimore County resident. “So, when my sister dragged us in there, I got a Powerball ticket.”

She added Power Play and Double Play to her quick-pick ticket in the Saturday, May 21 drawing.

The following Monday found her at a grocery where she spotted a Lottery ticket scanner.  “I checked my ticket and saw the $100,000. I just knew something had to be wrong, that there’d been a mistake.” Looking to the store clerk for confirmation, the winner said the employee’s face told the tale. “She ran the ticket through the terminal and her eyes, they just got so big. That’s when I knew the $100,000 was real. I was so shocked and so happy that I started crying.”

Our winner purchased her Powerball ticket from Marlton Liquors at 9518 Crain Highway in Upper Marlboro. The extra $1 she spent adding the Power Play multiplier doubled what would have been a $50,000 third-tier prize. The mom plans to allocate her windfall to a college fund.

“I’ve kept this quiet,” she reported.  “The only celebration was Monday night and it was a quiet one – praise and worship. What a blessing this is!”

The Powerball jackpot has continued rolling to an estimated $150 million for the Saturday, May 28 drawing. The estimated cash value is $88 million.