Powerball Player Adds Scratch-off to Purchase, Wins $50,000 Top Prize

Woman refused to believe Cash Money win was real

All that she was thinking about was Powerball, a Forestville resident told Lottery officials when asked about the events that will surely cement last Monday in her memory.  While she didn’t walk out of Lottery headquarters with the multimillion-dollar jackpot prize that she was seeking, the Prince George’s County woman was perfectly happy “settling” for the $50,000 top prize that a Cash Money scratch-off delivered.

“It was an afterthought, really,” the 57-year-old media specialist admitted of her scratch-off purchase at Forestville Exxon in District Heights. “I was there for a Powerball ticket only, but when the $5 change came back, I asked for the first $5 scratch ticket I saw.” That instant ticket, Cash Money, made its way first into her purse and then into her hands after dinner that night.

“I saw the $50,000 match and immediately knew that I was somehow reading it incorrectly,” said the loyal player. After reviewing the game rules and studying the instant ticket, she called in a visiting family member to provide a second set of eyes to see where she had gone wrong. It turns out that she hadn’t! Her scratch-off was a legitimate $50,000 top-prize winner, but she still wasn’t convinced. In fact, it wasn’t until she arrived at Lottery headquarters the following day that she believed her win occurred. “I just knew it couldn’t be real right up to the moment that the Lottery told me it was.”

The $5 Cash Money scratch-off game debuted in December 2022 with eight top prizes. This Prince George’s County win leaves just one still to be found, along with five $5,000 second-tier prizes. Forestville Exxon will receive a $500 bonus from the Lottery for selling the $50,000 top-prize winning scratch-off. In addition, the happy Forestville winner declared the gas station at 7631 Marlboro Pike to be the best lottery retailer in Maryland.