The Week in Winners: Players Win Six-Digit Prizes in Chesapeake City, Adelphi, Rockville, Temple Hills

Nearly $29 million in prizes won in the past week throughout Maryland

A Maryland Lottery ticket sold in Chesapeake City for the Feb. 17 Powerball drawing was last week’s biggest winner at $150,000, but another three tickets worth $100,000 each were sold in Adelphi, Rockville and Temple Hills.

In all, 34 Maryland Lottery tickets worth $10,000 or more were purchased or claimed in the week ending Feb. 18, and players won prizes totaling nearly $29 million in that span.

Winners of prizes larger than $25,000 must redeem their tickets at the Maryland Lottery Claims Center in Baltimore, which is open by appointment only. Prizes of up to $5,000 can be claimed at any of more than 400 Expanded Cashing Authority Program (XCAP) locations. All Maryland Lottery retailers are authorized to redeem tickets up to and including $600. More information is available on the How To Claim page of

Here is the weekly roundup of big winners:

Scratch-off prizes claimed Feb. 12-18:

$100,000 Prizes

$50,000 Prizes

$10,000 Prizes

Winning tickets sold for drawings Feb. 12-18:


  • $50,000 ticket sold Feb. 14 at Rosedale Shell, 7514 Pulaski Highway, Baltimore (claimed)
  • $50,000 ticket sold Feb. 13 at Fenton Citgo, 8333 Fenton Street, Silver Spring (claimed)


  • $100,000 Holiday Money Match ticket sold Feb. 16 at Twinbrook Deli, Beer and Wine, 2208 Veirs Mill Road, Rockville (unclaimed as of Feb. 20)
  • $50,000 Mega Multiplier ticket sold Feb. 16 at Redner’s Wholesale Market #96, 7938 Eastern Avenue, Baltimore (unclaimed as of Feb. 20)


  • $50,000 ticket sold Feb. 14 at Royal Farms #057, 100 West Padonia Road, Timonium (claimed)
  • $50,000 ticket sold Feb. 14 at Wheaton Winery, 2211-B University Boulevard, Silver Spring (unclaimed as of Feb. 20)
  • $25,000 ticket sold Feb. 10 at Speedy Mart, 7501 Harford Road, Baltimore (unclaimed as of Feb. 20)


  • $150,000 ticket sold Feb. 16 at Bennett’s Thrifty Liquors, 2852 Augustine Herman Highway, Chesapeake City (unclaimed as of Feb. 20)
  • $50,000 ticket sold Feb. 9 at Jack’s Fine Food, 4519 Kenwood Avenue, Baltimore (claimed)
  • $50,000 ticket sold Feb. 12 at Get Go from Giant Eagle #3841, 1000 West Patrick Street, Frederick (claimed)


  • $16,753.90 ticket sold Feb. 16 at Victabol LLC, 7416-C Windsor Mill Road, Windsor Mill (unclaimed as of Feb. 20)
  • $13,906 ticket sold Feb. 14 at Safeway #1815, 337 East Ridgeville Boulevard, Mount Airy (unclaimed as of Feb. 20)
  • $12,030.50 ticket sold Feb. 18 at Wawa #8521, 9100 Riggs Road, Adelphi (claimed)

The Maryland Lottery encourages players to check their tickets by scanning them at any Lottery retailer or with the Lottery’s mobile apps. Draw game winners have 182 days from the date of a drawing to claim their prizes, and scratch-off winners have 182 days from the announced end-of-game date.

Last claim dates for scratch-off tickets are published in the scratch-off section of