Powerball Winner is Georgia-Bound with $50,000 Prize

Howard County resident plans to use third-tier win for moving expenses

A retired Howard County resident who is a regular Lottery player bought his regular assortment of tickets one recent evening at Giant #348 in Clarksville. Included in the purchase were tickets for Mega Millions, Multi-Match and the Feb. 20 Powerball drawing.

After the Powerball drawing, the player scanned his $2 quick-pick ticket and saw a curious message directing him to take the ticket to a Lottery agent. His regular Lottery retailer is a local High’s store so the retired Verizon engineer went there and asked the clerk to check the ticket for a win.

“I expected $50,” the winner recalled. “The guy said, ‘You got $50,000!’ Then he said, ‘Do you want to sit down or have a glass of water?’ I was so pale I looked like Casper the friendly ghost.”

Instead, the dazed Powerball player went out to his truck with his winning ticket to calm down and then phoned his wife and family with his great news. The family recently bought a new home in Georgia and is planning to move there soon from their small town in Howard County, the lucky winner said. He plans to use the prize to pay for moving expenses.

The Powerball jackpot for tonight’s drawing has reached an estimated annuity of $100 million with a cash option of $51.3 million. Try your luck at our winner’s Powerball retailer, Giant #348 located at 6050 Daybreak Circle in Clarksville.