Rainy Day Brings Lottery Sunshine to Carroll County Player

Carroll County’s Terry Ingle and his fiancée Kimmy Boone celebrate his $50,000 top-prize win on a $50,000 Cash scratch-off.

Taneytown scratch-off fan wins top prize playing $50,000 Cash game

It was a miserable, gloomy rainy afternoon when Terry Ingle of Taneytown got off work and listened when something told him to stop at a Lottery retailer to buy a few scratch-offs. The 52-year-old pulled into The Village Store & Diner in Keymar and chose several scratch-offs to brighten his day.

Terry’s first choice was a $10 instant ticket that was not a winner. His second game gave him a $50 prize. The lucky guy decided to use $20 from that win to purchase a $50,000 Cash scratch-off. He chose the $20 game because he has won small amounts on it before. This time, he won its $50,000 top prize!

“I always just scan the tickets, so when I saw the ‘Congratulations’ message, I just figured it was for a smaller amount,” said the Carroll County resident. “When the $50,000 popped up, I was shocked.”

Terry, still stunned, asked the cashier to check the instant ticket to make sure the ticket scanner was correct. Sure enough, the cashier told him he had a $50,000 winner. The lucky player had to step out of the store to collect himself and to make a few phone calls.

“I called my son and told him, but my fiancée wouldn’t answer the phone,” said Terry. “I ended up texting her a picture of the ticket.”

Terry’s fiancé, Kimmy Boone, was not having as wonderful a day as her future husband. Her day certainly improved when she saw his text.

“I was having a horrible day,” recalled Kimmy, who accompanied Terry to claim the prize at Lottery headquarters in Baltimore. “And, I still didn’t believe him even after seeing the text. I scanned it myself, when I got home, to be certain.”

Terry, who works in construction, told Lottery officials that he plans to invest most of his prize. He will use some of the funds to buy new appliances, take a vacation and have a party to celebrate his Lottery luck!

Terry’s Lottery retailer also can celebrate. For selling a $50,000 top-prize winning scratch-off, the Carroll County business located at 6694 Middleburg Road will receive a $500 bonus from the Lottery.

The popular $50,000 Cash game that went on sale in December began with 160 top prizes of $50,000. There are still 139 remaining, along with 146 unclaimed $5,000 prizes. In addition, there are more than 970,000 prizes ranging from $20 and $500 available.