Prince George’s County Man Wins $40,032 Playing Keno Before Dinner

Winning ticket purchased with bottle of wine for couple’s evening meal

A casual Maryland Lottery player from Prince George’s County picked up a $40,032 Keno win while playing on Sept. 8, and he had a casual answer when asked what he’ll do with his windfall.

“We’ll put a little something in our grandkids’ college funds,” the winner said while claiming the prize at Lottery headquarters with his wife at his side.

On the day of his win, the 63-year-old player had gone to Manokeek Wine & Spirits at 7091 Berry Road in Accokeek to pick up a bottle of wine for dinner with his wife. From time to time, he enjoys playing Keno, and this was one of those times.

He purchased an eight-spot ticket for 20 drawings and added the Bonus multiplier for a total ticket cost of $40. He tucked the ticket away and went home. Just before dinner, the husband checked his ticket and realized it featured a very solid win. The Bonus multiplier feature had quadrupled his prize! The married couple then enjoyed their evening meal, with the dinnertime conversation focusing on his win.

Both husband and wife plan to continue playing the Lottery when the mood strikes. She plans to focus on Powerball and Mega Millions when the jackpots are large while he will play those two games as well as Keno and Pick 5.

The couple’s two grandchildren and Manokeek Wine & Spirits will benefit from the win. The Prince George’s County business will receive a bonus of $400.31, equal to 1% of the prize, from the Lottery for selling a winning Keno ticket of $10,000 or more.