Scratch-off Win Refuels Frederick County Uber Driver’s Savings

Claims $50,000 prize in Lucky 777 scratch-off game

Lady Luck was in the building a month ago when a 51-year-old scratch-off fan from a small town in Western Maryland stopped at an AC&T store in Smithsburg. He cashed in two scratch-offs that were worth $50 together and wound up replenishing his savings with a much bigger prize.

The Sabillasville man purchased two more games with his $50 in winnings. He took the $30 scratch-off and the $20 Lucky 777 game out to his car to play and revealed a $50,000 win.

“I was shocked to see it,” said the winner. “I went straight home after that, wanting to keep things private.”

The loyal player shared the news with his mother and brother. Still doubtful of his Lottery luck, he asked his sibling to look at the instant ticket to confirm the five-figure win. “I wanted to make sure I wasn’t hallucinating,” the lucky player said.

The Frederick County resident then locked the winning scratch-off in his car’s glove compartment and made plans to cash in his Lucky 777 game at Lottery headquarters in Baltimore.

An Uber driver, the scratch-off player took time off during the pandemic but is now back on the road. The $50,000 prize will help him pay down debts, he said. The winner also plans to put some of the windfall aside for emergency expenses and use some for an already planned vacation.

The Lucky 777 scratch-off that went on sale in May 2020 still has two $1 million top prizes and three $50,000 prizes remaining. In addition, players can try to win 45 $10,000 prizes and more than 380,000 unclaimed prizes ranging from $20 to $5,000.

The Washington County retailer that sold the winning ticket, AC&T #270, is located at 22507 Jefferson Boulevard in Smithsburg.