‘Scratchin’ Momma’ Reveals Sweet 50X The Cash Win

Scratch-off player brings home $50,000 prize

A 67-year-old Prince George’s County woman is celebrating today after claiming a $50,000 prize on her 50X The Cash scratch-off. The instant ticket fan, who has a heart of gold, almost missed out on her big win.

“Scratchin’ Momma,” a name chosen for publicity purposes, recalls purchasing the $10 50X The Cash game in January. She often goes to A-1 Laundromat located at 6818 Riverdale Road in Riverdale and, one day, decided to purchase a scratch-off while she was there.

“Scratchin’ Momma” chose the 50X The Cash instant ticket and took it home to play. The lucky player had a matching number and scratched the prize below, but didn’t quite notice the win and almost threw away her scratch-off.

“The matching number was on the last line, almost the last space,” said the winner. “And, when I finally realized it was a win, I still thought it was less than it was.”

“Scratchin’ Momma” needed to confirm her Lottery luck so she took the scratch-off back to where she purchased it and had it scanned. “I knew it was a winner then,” said the happy woman. “I put the ticket up and made an appointment to come to Baltimore.”

Known for her charity work, “Scratchin’ Momma” claimed her prize in February. She plans to use her windfall to help a family member and will save the rest.

The 50X The Cash scratch-off game still has many prizes available including nine $100,000 top prizes, 11 unclaimed $50,000 prizes and hundreds of thousands of prizes ranging from $10 to $10,000.