Silver Spring Player Wins $50,000 On March 29 Powerball Drawing

He’s scored a few Maryland Lottery wins over the years that were worth a second glance, the winner said, but nothing like the $50,000 he won playing Powerball in the March 29 drawing.

“A thousand, $1,500 before,” the Silver Spring man said of his winnings. “This one is the first big one.”

The Montgomery County resident said he has no special plans for his third-tier prize, saying he wants to settle up a few bills and put the rest away for the future as a hedge against inflation. In addition, he is likely to plan a small celebration later in the month. The player bought the hot ticket at Kensington Sunoco, located at 10550 Connecticut Avenue in Kensington.

No one hit the jackpot in that drawing or the ones that followed, giving players a chance to win an estimated jackpot annuity of $186 in the Saturday, April 8 drawing. The estimated cash option is $98.9 million. So far this year, Maryland has sold 26 third-tier winning tickets.