Sizzling Pick 5 Game Sparks another $25,000 Winner

Rockville woman takes home prize on 50-cent straight bet

Players are enjoying one scorching hot win after another with the new Pick 5 game, which sparked a $25,000 win for a happy Rockville woman.

The big winner placed a 50-cent straight bet for the Feb. 20 evening drawing and won big when her numbers came out in that exact order. The Montgomery County resident bought her lucky ticket at Old World Favorites Beer and Wine located at 3854 International Drive in Silver Spring. The Lottery retailer earns a bonus of $250 from the Lottery for selling the lucky $25,000-winning ticket.

Since the game began on Feb. 7, players have won 21 $25,000 prizes on 50-cent straight bets and eight $50,000 prizes on $1 straight bets.