Son’s Wedding Anniversary Gift to Parents Turns Into $10,000 Lottery Prize

Clarksburg resident Alan Berning and his wife received a luck-themed 38th anniversary present in September: $38 worth of Maryland Lottery scratch-off tickets, one of which was a $10,000 winner.

Clarksburg couple celebrates 38 years together with big scratch-off win

A 38th wedding anniversary present based on a greeting-card theme turned into a $10,000 Maryland Lottery win for a Clarksburg couple.

Alan Berning’s son was pondering what to give his parents for their September wedding anniversary and found that Hallmark suggests a theme of luck for the 38th year. The son did a little thinking and came up with the idea of buying Maryland Lottery tickets for is parents. After all, Alan has been a loyal Maryland Lottery player since the family moved to the U.S. from South Africa in 1994 and became citizens.

Alan told the tale on Oct. 1 as he visited Maryland Lottery headquarters while claiming the prize. His son gifted the couple $38 in Lottery tickets, including a $10,000 Lucky scratch-off game. As luck would have it, the $38 gift expanded to $10,000 when Alan scratched the ticket to find that all five of the winning numbers at the top matched numbers in the play area. After adding the totals together, the ticket was a top-prize winner.

While Alan has enjoyed playing Maryland Lottery games since 1994, he hadn’t previously won a large prize, so he was surprised by the win that came with his luck-themed anniversary gift. Alan added that the prize will end up in in the bank, where it will be available to help if family members should need a little hand.

Alan’s son bought the lucky $10 ticket at Giant #349 at 3530 Sugarloaf Parkway in Frederick. The $10,000 Lucky ticket has only been on sale since Sept. 20, but already seven of its $10,000 top prizes have been claimed. There are still 131 of those remaining to be claimed, along with thousands of additional prizes ranging from $10 to $1,000.