St. Patrick’s Day Play Gives “The Lucky Irishman” $50,000 Win

Ca$h Payout scratch-off’s top prize goes to Catonsville resident

A Baltimore County player grabbed an instant ticket while getting ready for St. Patrick’s Day, which is his favorite holiday, and found out he held a $50,000 top-prize winner! “The Lucky Irishman,” as the anonymous winner called himself for Maryland Lottery publicity, said he couldn’t believe his eyes.

“$50,000? Really?!” were the first thoughts “The Lucky Irishman” recalls having as he looked at the Ca$h Payout scratch-off in amazement. The Catonsville man bought the lucky game at New Hampshire Liquors in Takoma Park. After discovering his big win, “The Lucky Irishman” raced home to share the great news with his wife. She is also celebrating his good fortune!

This is the loyal player’s first big win. The 69-year-old usually purchases instant tickets from his favorite retailer, New Hampshire Avenue Liquors, for holidays and never for himself. However, while running errands, “The Lucky Irishman” decided to have some fun. He stopped at the Lottery retailer to pick up a few of the $5 Ca$h Payout instant tickets. He played the games in the store and, once he saw matching numbers and a $50,000 prize, he knew he was a big winner.

“I was very excited in the store because the owners have been so nice to me over the years,” said “The Lucky Irishman.” He added, “I hope my big win helps them too.”

It certainly does! For selling a top-prize winning instant ticket, New Hampshire Avenue Liquors located at 6501 New Hampshire Avenue in Takoma Park earned a $500 bonus from the Lottery.

The Ca$h Payout scratch-off went on sale in September 2020 and has two $50,000 top prizes remaining. The game offers 19 chances to win and plenty of prizes ranging from $5 to $5,000.