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Baltimore Gambler Finds Payday with Lottery Scratch-off

Enjoys $10,000 win on Instant Millionaire game A self-proclaimed gambler from southeast Baltimore found a $10,000 payday on Friday playing the Maryland Lottery’s Instant Millionaire scratch-off game. The 66-year-old and his friend were traveling in a taxi when they stopped at the Howard Street BP located at 2207 North Howard Street in Baltimore. Because his […]

Scratch-off Win is ‘Just Deserts’ for Frederick Confectionary Chef

Claims $10,000 prize on Instant Millionaire game A Frederick chef had often dreamed about a sweet Maryland Lottery win while creating calorie-laden confectionary delights in the kitchen of a Frederick County restaurant. Those dreams, though, often disappeared in a cloud of powdered sugar. Imagine the 27-year-old’s surprise when he scratched off an Instant Millionaire  game […]

Rosedale Man Loses Sleep Over $10,000 Win

  Tyrone Jones Grady of Rosedale won $10,000 on the Instant Millionaire scratch-off game. Avid scratch-off player claims prize on Instant Millionaire ticket Tyrone Jones Grady arrived at Maryland Lottery Headquarters early on the morning of Feb. 10, even before officials had unlocked the doors, about 18 hours after buying a lucky Instant Millionaire scratch-off […]

Baltimore Metal Fabricator Engineers $10,000 Scratch-off Win

Finds luck with Instant Millionaire game Motorists passing through south Baltimore sometimes encounter annoying traffic backups as freight trains pull long lines of boxcars through town. A Baltimore man took advantage of the unscheduled free time to turn a frustrating moment at a train crossing into a joyous one. The lucky fellow scratched off a […]

Dedicated Farmer Rakes in Bountiful Harvest

Wins $50,000 playing Instant Millionaire scratch-off An 82-year-old farmer from the Eastern Shore sowed seeds and watched them grow into a large crop of cash. The loyal Lottery player enjoys Pick 3, and after collecting prize money he won on that game, he decided to take chance on an Instant Millionaire scratch-off ticket that he […]

Proud Dad Wins $50,000 Scratch-off Prize

Gaithersburg man wins big bucks playing Instant Millionaire game A generous father, out of work and on long-term disability, was thinking mostly of his children when he arrived at Maryland Lottery headquarters in Baltimore to claim a $50,000 prize in the Instant Millionaire scratch-off game. The 50-year-old Gaithersburg resident is a scratch-off fan, buying them […]

Ice Cream Break Turns Into Scratch-Off Payday

Annapolis woman stops for a treat, wins $10,000 Even though she frequently plays Maryland Lottery games, it wasn’t a scratch-off ticket that brought an Annapolis secretary into a Lottery retailer on Wednesday. She wanted an ice cream treat – something to cool her down on one of the first hot days of the year. She […]

Oakland Equipment Operator Unearths Third Lottery Prize

Equipment operator Brandon Proudfoot of Oakland unearthed a $10,000 prize on the $20 Instant Millionaire scratch-off. Wins $10,000 on Instant Millionaire scratch-off A change in routine certainly paid off for Brandon Proudfoot of Oakland, who decided to try his Lottery luck at a different retailer and wound up at 7-Eleven #36162 at 435 North 3rd […]

Maryland Lottery Scratch-off Makes Baltimore Man a Millionaire

City resident claims top prize on Instant Millionaire game The Maryland Lottery’s Instant Millionaire scratch-off has turned a Baltimore city man into Maryland’s newest millionaire! The lucky restaurant employee received a standing ovation in the Lottery Winner’s Lounge as a crowd of Lottery employees helped celebrate his win. The loyal player, who enjoys all of […]