Thanksgiving Shopper Bags $100,000 Scratch-off Prize

Severna Park man lands top-prize win on $100,000 Crossword game

Shopping at Safeway for last-minute items for his Thanksgiving dinner helped an Anne Arundel County resident bag enough Lottery cash to finance many holiday dinners to come.

The $100,000 winner wound up at Lottery headquarters in Baltimore, celebrating his discovery of a top prize on the 7th edition of the $100,000 Crossword game.

The Severna Park man, who said he enjoys playing a variety of Lottery games.  bought several scratch-offs along with groceries while at Safeway #2764 in Arnold. Initially, he wanted to buy a favorite scratch-off but wound up with the $100,000 Crossword game and a few Ravens instant tickets.

He headed home and, after dinner, the loyal player and his wife took a few minutes to scratch off the Lottery games. The first few instant tickets were non-winners, and, for a second, the husband thought they didn’t win. Fortunately, the last instant ticket scratched was a top-prize winner.

“I started scratching and started to see the words match,” he said. “I counted out loud until I realized we just won $100,000.” In disbelief, he showed the scratch-off to his wife so she could verify their Lottery luck. He claims she began “dancing” with joy. Never having won more than a few thousand dollars, the two consider this win “a blessing” and say “it came at the perfect time, just before the holidays.”

The big winner has no set plans yet on spending the money but plans to save and invest the windfall.

Safeway #2764, which sold the instant ticket, is among several of his favorite Lottery retailers. The store located at 1451 Ritchie Highway in Arnold will receive a $1,000 bonus from the Lottery for selling a $100,000 top-prize winning scratch-off.

The $100,000 Crossword game went on sale in August and now, our winner claimed the last remain top prize. The game is still packed with other prizes, ranging from five more $100,000 prizes, 10 $10,000 prizes down to more than 271,465 $10 prizes.