THE BIG SPIN Among Four New Scratch-offs Rolling into Maryland

Lucky players spin a giant wheel at Lottery headquarters to try to win up to $250,000

Four new scratch-offs roll into Maryland stores on Monday, April 22, with the spotlight on THE BIG SPIN, a $5 game with two exciting new elements. Players also get a chance to win $2 million on the $30 Mega Money scratch-off, $250,000 on the $10 Jumbo Cash game and $15,000 on the fun $3 SKEE-BALL®* instant ticket.

THE BIG SPIN is a traditional scratch-off with a twist, in that players can win up to $50,000 instantly, or win a digital reveal that leads to either a cash prize or the chance to spin a 74.5-inch tall illuminated game-show style wheel at Lottery headquarters. That spin can win between $50,000 and $250,000!

To play, match any of your numbers to one or more of the four winning numbers to win the prize shown for that number. There are three instant-win top prizes of $50,000.

If you reveal a SPIN symbol, visit any Maryland Lottery retailer for a digital reveal to see your prize. Your digital reveal on the store Lottery monitor could lead to a cash prize between $10 and $250 or the words BIG SPIN. BIG SPIN winners will make an appointment at Lottery headquarters to spin the The Big Spin Wheel for a chance to win up to $250,000. See details and rules for THE BIG SPIN at

The $30 Mega Money game provides a chance to win one of five $2 million top prizes. Match any of your 40 numbers to any of the six winning numbers to win the prize beneath your number. There are 44 chances to win along with three Bonus Spots to win instant prizes of $50, $100 and $200. A Mega Bonus area offers the chance to win an instant prize of $500.

The $10 Jumbo Cash scratch-off has five top prizes of $250,000. Match any of your 20 numbers to any of the five winning numbers to win the prize beneath your number. Reveal a “JUMBO” symbol to win the prize shown automatically. This game also has two Bonus Cash and one Jumbo Bonus spots to win instant prizes of $50, $100 and $200.

SKEE-BALL® is a $3 game that provides a chance to rack up points similar to the arcade game. Each number the a SKEE-BALL BOARD has an assigned number of points. Try to match your 10 “shots,” or numbers, with those on the board and then add up the points of any matches.

Win one of eight $15,000 top prizes by totaling 550 or more points from the SKEE-BALL BOARD. The Bonus Shot, which is played separately, offers the chance to win $50.


* SKEE-BALL is a registered trademark of Bay Tek Entertainment, Inc. used under license. All rights reserved.