Third-Tier Powerball Win Gives Clarksburg Man a $50,000 Prize

Regular Lottery player still chasing jackpot but pleased with third-tier prize

A loyal Maryland Lottery player from Montgomery County who is looking to hit big on Mega Millions or Powerball hasn’t won either of the jackpots yet, but was pleased to score $50,000 in the Dec. 16 Powerball drawing.

Part of the winnings will pay for a Caribbean vacation for his family, and the rest, he said, will “keep it in the bank.” Meanwhile, he plans to keep chasing the jackpot, the winner said with a smile. “It’s going to come. I’m just after the big money.”

The Clarksburg man picked up his winning quick-pick ticket at Safeway #1579 located at 19718 Germantown Road in Germantown on the day of the drawing, when the jackpot was $535 million. It was not hit that day, and continued growing to $842.4 million and was won on New Year’s Day on a ticket purchased in Michigan.

Anyone who plays big jackpot games like Mega Millions and Powerball should be sure to check tickets after each drawing. While hitting all five regular balls plus the Powerball happens relatively infrequently, lower-tier prizes like the Clarksburg player’s $50,000 third tier hit or even a second-tier $1 million score, happen more frequently.

Four such Powerball prizes in Maryland are unclaimed, but the tickets remain valid:

  • $1 million prize on a ticket sold Sept. 27 at Duck In II, 5610 East Market Street in Snow Hill.
  • $100,000 prize on a ticket sold Jan. 22 at Royal Farms #357, 6730 English Muffin Way, Frederick.
  • $50,000 prize on a ticket sold Nov. 7, 2023 at Dogwood Liquors, 6900 Dogwood Road, Baltimore.
  • $50,000 prize on a ticket sold Oct. 4, 2023 at Giant #128, 2145 York Road, Lutherville.

Five third-tier Mega Millions prizes on tickets that have not yet expired remain unclaimed:

  • $30,000 prize on a ticket sold Jan. 26 at Elite Wine & Spirits, 8718 Liberty Plaza in Randallstown.
  • $30,000 prize on a ticket sold Oct. 5, 2023 at Royal Farms #135, 8859 Harmony Road, Denton.
  • $10,000 prize on a ticket sold Jan. 3 at Berry Country Market, 7485 Bensville Road, Waldorf.
  • $10,000 prize on a ticket sold Oct. 6, 2023 at Sagar Beer & Wine, 615 South Frederick Avenue, Gaithersburg.
  • $10,000 prize on a ticket sold Sept. 26, 2023 at Freddie’s Liquors, 7700 Marlboro Pike, Forestville.

Maryland Lottery tickets expire 182 days (six months) after the drawing date.