Three Jackpot Chasers Catch $50,000 Powerball Prize

Retail workers team up to win third-tier prize in April 6 drawing

When a group of retail co-workers saw the Powerball jackpot roll past the $1 billion mark, they pooled their cash to buy several tickets together for the April 6 drawing. The three workers all enjoy the thrill of playing Lottery games.

The Prince George’s County residents, who chose the nickname “Big-time Lottery Crew” to tell their winning story, started their work group Lottery pool about a year ago. They always buy the group’s tickets at 7-Eleven #29997 located at 3570 Crain Highway in Bowie. The “Big-time Lottery Crew” report that they also play Lottery games on their own, including scratch offs, Pick 4 and Mega Millions.

After checking one of the tickets from the April 6 drawing, one player sent news about the $50,000 third-tier win to the co-workers. The two were convinced they were being pranked until they saw the proof.

The happy trio later gathered to celebrate and talk about the shocking win. They all have different plans for their windfall. One woman is planning a nice vacation with her husband. Another winner plans to pay her daughters’ tuition. The third player will save the winnings as a “cushion for a rainy day.”

Although the jackpot was hit on April 6, the fun still continues for Maryland Powerball players. A Powerball Jackpot Reset promotion under way now through April 21 offers those buying Powerball tickets the chance to receive, at random, a free $2 Mega Millions ticket.