Timing is Everything for Montgomery County $100,008 Powerball Winner

 Wins third-tier prize with multiplier from Nov. 2 drawing

A North Potomac man took the drive to Baltimore to claim a $100,008 Powerball prize. The excited winner was quick to tell Lottery officials how his big win came to be.

He and his wife play Powerball when the jackpot gets high, and typically, the wife buys the tickets, but this time was different.

“My wife was supposed to buy the tickets, but didn’t get around to it so I wound up picking them up at Steve’s Deli instead,” the Montgomery County man said.

Since the tickets were Quick Pick, the timing of the purchase determined what numbers were on the tickets.

The evening of the Nov. 2 drawing, the 70-year-old quickly glanced at his tickets and the winning numbers. But, he was tired so didn’t really pay much attention to it. The next morning, he looked a little closer and noted they had matched four of the white balls plus the Power Ball number.

“I showed my wife the ticket, the winning numbers and the rules of the game,” he said. “She took a look and said, ‘we won $50,000’. I showed her that I had paid the extra dollar for the Power Play option, so multiply that $50,000 by two!”

The married couple of more than 30 years haven’t decided exactly what they plan to do with their winnings, but a vacation is definitely on the horizon.

The lucky ticket was purchased at Steve’s Beer, Wine & Deli at 12132 Darnestown Rd. in Gaithersburg.