Unwrap Holiday Fun, Prizes with Scratch-offs, FAST PLAY Games

Win up to $100,000 on holiday second-chance promotion

We’re kicking off the holiday season today, Oct. 23, by sending six exciting scratch-offs to stores and adding to the fun on Nov. 6 with the return of three holiday-themed FAST PLAY games.

Players can try their luck this week with six holiday-themed scratch-offs: OH, SNAP, Unwrap the Cash, Peppermint Payout Multiplier, Holiday Cash, Snow Globe 7s and Win $100, $200 or $500! Our Holiday Cash 2023 Second-Chance Promotion, also starting today, includes the three FAST PLAY games.

OH, SNAP is a $1 gingerbread-scented scratch-off with a top prize of $500. The $2 Unwrap the Cash scratch-off has a top prize of $5,000 and three scenes. The $3 Peppermint Payout Multiplier has a top prize of $30,000 and is peppermint scented. Players can try to win a $50,000 top prize on the $5 Holiday Cash scratch-off, which comes in beige or green versions. Snow Globe 7s is a $10 ticket offering a $100,000 top prize and sold in holiday and winter versions. Finally, get ready to enjoy winning with our $20 Win $100, $200 or $500! game, which is loaded with prizes.

The FAST PLAY games returning from 2022 are: Candy Cane Cash, Snowflake Cash and Holiday Money Match. The $1 Candy Cane Cash ticket has 23 top prizes of $1,000. Snowflake Cash is a $5 game with 13 top prizes of $50,000. There are 28 $100,000 prizes in the $10 Holiday Money Match game.

If you don’t win instantly with our holiday games, you get a second opportunity with the Holiday Cash 2023 Second-Chance Promotion. Players enter non-winning holiday scratch-offs along with winning and non-winning holiday FAST PLAY tickets into My Lottery Rewards to qualify for the promotion. Sixty players will win $5,000 during 12 weeks of drawings and two will win $100,000. Entries are cumulative and will carry over after each drawing. Visit the Lottery Promotions page on mdlottery.com for more details.