Woman’s Bingo Nostalgia Leads to $30,000 Lottery Prize

Three of seven Diamond Bingo 4th Edition top prizes remain

A Prince George’s County resident doubted her Lottery luck after scratching her way to a $30,000 top prize on a Diamond Bingo 4th Edition instant ticket. Before going to work, she visited Lottery headquarters in Baltimore to claim the prize, fearing she would “wake up from the dream” of a top-prize win.

The anonymous player, who selected the nickname “D.D.” to tell her story, has played the Lottery for less than a year. She favors scratch-offs and had won $100 prior to this big win. “D.D.” chose game because of her love of bingo. She grew up playing bingo with her grandmother so this game reminds her of the good times they shared.

Having scratched her way to a top prize, how does she plan to spend her windfall? She plans to put the fortune “in the bank for a rainy day,” said “D.D.” “I never expected to win this much but I don’t want to waste it.”  “D.D” also plans to multistate jackpot games like Mega Millions and Powerball.

She found her winning scratch-off at Green Mart Food Store, which is located at 1940 County Road in District Heights. For selling a $30,000 top-prize winning scratch-off, the Prince George’s County retailer earns a $300 bonus from the Lottery.