$100,000 Baltimore County Winner ‘Walking in a Dream’

Nottingham player claims top prize on Bingo X10 scratch-off

A Nottingham woman is still stunned after discovering she won $100,000 playing the Bingo X10 Sixth Edition scratch-off game. She was headed to pick up her daughter when real life turned into a dream.

The 41-year-old married mother of two enjoys playing the extended-play games like bingo- and crossword-themed scratch-offs. Earlier this week, the lucky lady was running a few errands before getting her daughter. She needed to go to the grocery for a few things, but, realizing she had a $10 bill, made a pit stop at Honeygo Wine & Spirits in Perry Hall to play a $10 Bingo X10 instant ticket.

“When I walked in, I saw two ladies playing the same game and I thought, ‘If I buy one, I’m not going to win,’” she told Lottery officials.

However, the lucky lady chased out those negative thoughts and purchased a Bingo X10 game anyway. She normally scratches the game, but this time, she just scanned the prize check area while at the grocery store. The message said to see the retailer.

“I thought, ‘That’s weird,’” said the big winner. “So, I scanned it back at the liquor store and could not believe it said $100,000.”

The workers compensation claims representative said she scanned the instant ticket four more times because the win felt so unreal. Still in shock, she called her husband to tell him the unbelievable news.

“I thought she was kidding,” said the husband, who accompanied his wife to claim the prize at Lottery headquarters in Baltimore.

The win wasn’t quite sinking in and the Baltimore County player went about her day, getting her groceries and picking up her daughter.

“I felt like I was having an out-of-body experience,” she said. “It was like walking in a dream.”

The big winner was still a little shook when she claimed her $100,000 prize. She told Lottery officials that she plans to invest her winnings.

Honeygo Wine & Spirits, located at 5004 Honeygo Center Drive, is also living the dream. The Perry Hall retailer will receive a $1,000 bonus from the Lottery for selling a $100,000 top-prize winning scratch-off. The sixth edition of the Bingo X10 game, went on sale in March and still has four more $100,000 top prizes remaining along with 12 $10,000 prizes and many more ranging from $10 to $1,000.