$129,198 Chili Pepper Payout Win Leads to Dream Canadian Train Trip

Delaware winner starts plans on vacation getaway

A Townsend, Delaware resident visiting Maryland bought a winning FAST PLAY progressive jackpot ticket that will finance the trip of his dreams. He won $129,198!

The 78-year-old world traveler, who calls himself “Lucky Gamer,” told Lottery officials something compelled him to buy the FAST PLAY Chili Pepper Payout game at a Royal Farms in Elkton. After purchasing the $5 ticket, the fortunate player instantly knew he was a big winner. One number matched one of the winning numbers and the words “progressive top prize” appeared underneath it. Once he looked at the top of the ticket and saw the prize, the out-of-state visitor realized he won almost $130,000!

Typically, “Lucky Gamer” is a Mega Millions and Keno player. He has won a $5,000 prize before, making this his biggest win.

“I plan on paying some bills and saving some money for a rainy day,” said “Lucky Gamer.” “You know what I always wanted to do? Take a cross country train trip in Canada!” He can mark that trip off his bucket list soon, thanks to his big Lottery win.

Our lucky FAST PLAY winner isn’t the only one who has reason to celebrate. “Lucky Gamer” bought his progressive jackpot-winning ticket at Royal Farms #101 located at 1199 E. Pulaski Highway in Elkton. For selling the ticket, the Cecil County retailer earned a $1,000 bonus from the Lottery.

FAST PLAY games play like scratch-offs, without the scratching. The Lottery currently offers players a choice of 17 FAST PLAY games, with three of them planned to close soon. The Chili Pepper Payout game will close after a player wins the current progressive jackpot, which grows larger with the sale of every ticket. Its estimated value on June 29 at 10 a.m. was $56,216; the current prize amount at the time of the ticket’s purchase appears on the ticket. The progressive jackpot for this game started at $40,000.