$30,000 Lottery Win is Second Change in Player’s Fortunes

After a spell of bad fortune stemming from the COVID-19 shutdown, “Lucky Again” is on track for good times. She got her job back and won a $30,000 FAST PLAY prize.

Windsor Mill mom extends recent good luck with FAST PLAY score

During the COVID-19 shut-down, a Maryland Lottery player from Windsor Mill had a spell of hard luck that included being out of work. This month, a $30,000 Maryland Lottery FAST PLAY win is among recent changes in her fortunes.

The player, who works in the financial sector, recently got her job back. That positive change was followed by her Sept. 6 purchase of a winning ticket in the FAST PLAY game, “Why Did The Chicken Cross The Road?” The 47-year-old is going by the name “Lucky Again” to anonymously tell her story.

Generally a fan of scratch-offs, “Lucky Again” also plays FAST PLAY games. She typically plays at $1 and $2 tickets. On Sept. 6, when she was playing at Billiard Plus in Baltimore, “Lucky Again” changed her routine and put down $3 for the “Why Did The Chicken Cross The Road?” ticket.

She sat down to look closely at the ticket. To her surprise, she had matched her Winning Symbols to all six symbols in the fifth lane on the ticket. First, she put a check next to each symbol with her pen. Astonished, she went back and double-checked her work, circling each matching symbol. Still not convinced of her $30,000 win, “Lucky Again” checked the instructions on the ticket. Everything confirmed her big win!

“I thought, ‘OK, it really is $30,000!’” she said on Sept. 8 when she claimed her prize at Maryland Lottery headquarters in Baltimore.

Although she was excited that day, “Lucky Again” kept news of the big score to herself and went home. Not wanting to cause a commotion, she decided not to tell anyone and that included her adult son. However, “Lucky Again” became concerned that something might happen to her before her appointment to claim her prize at Lottery headquarters. To keep the ticket safe, the winner put it in an envelope with a note to her son explaining the win. She put the envelope with the note and winning ticket in the pocket of a shirt hanging in his closet, snapped a photo of the shirt and sent it to him with no explanation.

Her luck held and nothing prevented her from making her claim. She even brought the note with her to Lottery headquarters! With her winnings, “Lucky Again” plans to pay off some COVID-19 debt and move to a new home.

Sharing in her Lottery luck is Billiard Plus at 8140 Liberty Road in Baltimore / Windsor Mill. The retailer receives a bonus of $300 from the Lottery for selling a top-tier winning FAST PLAY ticket of $30,000. This game went on sale in January and still has nine $30,000 top prizes remaining.