$30,000 Scratch-off Win Could Keep Mechanicsville Woman Chillin’

Christina “Christy” Allosada of Mechanicsville has practical plans for her recent $30,000 scratch-off win, including fixing a troublesome air conditioning unit.

Prize gives wife funds to tap for air-conditioning replacement

At first, she thought her Diamond Bingo scratch-off was a $100 winner. Then, the St. Mary’s County resident checked it using the Lottery vending machine scanner and got a message telling her to consult with the clerk. Christina “Christy” Allosada of Mechanicsville did just that and discovered she won $30,000!

Friday the 13th proved lucky as Christy got an appointment and claimed her prize at Lottery headquarters in Baltimore. She’s a regular player who picks up instant tickets “whenever the mood strikes me.” The 44-year-old found her lucky $3 game at Dash In #13533 in Charlotte Hall. She scratched it off right in the store and immediately knew it was a winner – just not that it was a top-prize winner.

“This is the biggest ever,” she said, adding that her previous wins were relatively small prizes.

Although still overwhelmed by the experience, Christy said she and her husband have already discussed what to do with the windfall. They plan to pay some bills and hold the balance in reserve to have the financial flexibility to deal with any number of situations. For example, she said, her air conditioning unit is acting up and may need replacement.

For its role in the big win, Dash In #13533 at 30100 Three Notch Road in Charlotte Hall receives a $300 bonus from the Lottery. The bonus is equal to 1% of the prize.