$50,000 FAST PLAY Prize Shakes up Taneytown Man

Shocked winner tells wife ‘I have to sit down!’

A Carroll County resident got the shock of his life when he and his family stopped at The Village Store in Keymar one afternoon for lunch.

While there, the scratch-off fan from Taneytown turned in a $15 winning instant ticket to the clerk and decided to buy another $5 scratch-off and a $10 FAST PLAY Jackpot Party ticket. While he primarily plays scratch-offs, the agriculture worker said he has “gotten into FAST PLAY.”

One look at the Jackpot Party ticket shook him up. The winning numbers included a “10” and he saw at a glance that the rows of player numbers had a “10” with a $50,000 prize beneath it!

“I had my wife and son with me and I said, ‘I’ve got to sit down,’” the happy winner recalled. The 38-year-old repeated his statement and showed her the ticket. She quickly understood his shock over experiencing the biggest Lottery win of his life. He has won $500 here and there over the years but nothing like the $50,000 FAST PLAY prize.

“My wife says I have a lucky horseshoe on my backside,” he said with a laugh.

The winner is a regular patron of The Village Store, located at 6694 Middleburg Road in Keymar, and he plans to keep quiet about his big win. He has only shared his good news with family members. Does he have plans for his prize? “We’re going to pay bills,” he said.

The FAST PLAY Jackpot Party ticket offers players the chance to win a progressive jackpot as well as set prizes. The progressive jackpot starts at $100,000 and rises with each ticket sold until a progressive jackpot-winning ticket is sold. This game still has 56 $50,000 second-tier prizes remaining along with 71 $10,000 prizes and nearly 200 $1,000 prizes. At midday on Oct. 26, the progressive jackpot was nearing $140,000.