$50,000 Pick 5 Win a Record for Germantown Woman

Attributes good fortune to unusual ‘feeling’

She buys lottery tickets once or twice a week, a Montgomery County woman told Maryland Lottery officials, “but something was different about this one.” Her Pick 5 purchase turned out to be her luckiest one yet, netting a bigger prize than her previous high score of two $5,000 prizes.

So, it wasn’t the lottery purchase itself that was unusual for the 61-year-old Walmart employee, for she’s played often over the years. And, it wasn’t winning a significant prize, for she’s won big prizes. What was different?

“I usually play the Lottery just because I enjoy it,” the Germantown resident explained. “I bought this particular ticket, though, because of a feeling.” She awoke with a strange need to buy a Pick 5 ticket and a feeling that it would pay off. Her intuition didn’t give her “a specific Pick 5 number,” she said. Covering all of her bases, she bought tickets for that day and the next while at Sugarloaf Wine Cellar in Germantown. “It was such a strange, super-specific feeling that I wasn’t going to ignore it.”

Once the tickets were purchased, she tells us, the feeling disappeared. And, once her workday started, the episode faded from her mind until she was eating dinner the following night.

“I remembered the odd feeling and opened my Lottery app to check the results.” Not believing her eyes, she called her son, asking him to find the Jan. 12 and Jan. 13 evening drawing numbers and tell her what they were. When he read off the numbers for Jan. 13, she confirmed her $50,000 win on a $1 quick-pick straight bet on the number 99970. “I was stunned.”

Our Pick 5 winner will use her $50,000 prize to pay off debt and help family and friends. Also in the money is her lucky Lottery retailer, Sugarloaf Wine Cellar at 12955 Wisteria Drive in Germantown. Management there will receive a $500 bonus from the Lottery for selling the $50,000-winning Pick 5 ticket.