$50,000 Powerball Win a Relief for Washington County Man

Third- tier prize is plenty for Western Maryland jackpot hunter

Although he had long dreamed of a prize with a few more zeros, a Washington County man told Maryland Lottery officials that the $50,000 he won in the May 9 Powerball drawing has changed his life.

The 63-year-old contractor has purchased at least one ticket for each Powerball and Mega Millions drawing for as long back as he can remember. “I figure that somebody is going to win these jackpots and it’ll be one ticket that does it for them. That’s why I always have at least one ticket.”

A resident of Williamsport, the jackpot hunter paid little attention to the games’ lower-tier prizes. His eyes, he admitted, were always on the big money. When the Western Maryland man scanned his $2 Powerball quick-pick ticket late last week, he was surprised to see the machine’s message.

“I immediately checked the winning numbers and saw that I had five of the numbers including the Power Ball, a $50,000 win.” His surprise was soon replaced by an overwhelming feeling of relief. “I didn’t expect that, really. I thought that only tens of millions of dollars would bring that kind of feeling, but this $50,000 gives me a little cushion in life, and that meant much more than I expected.”

Our lucky Powerball winner bought his $50,000 winning ticket in Washington County from Sheetz #209 at 20723 National Highway in Boonsboro. The Powerball jackpot has been rolling since April 27, when a lucky player in Arizona won the $473.1 million jackpot. Try your luck in the Wednesday, May 18 drawing, which has an estimated jackpot of $101 million and a cash option of $59 million (before taxes).