$50,000-Winning Powerball Player from Fallston Encourages Community Service

This Fallston volunteer, who is giving some of his $50,000 Powerball prize to charity, encourages everyone to do what they can to help community groups. His plea: “Please Volunteer.”

Part of prize is going to charity chosen by his children as part of life lesson

A Fallston father of two who gets interested in playing Powerball and Mega Millions when the jackpots start to exceed $300 million didn’t win the big one, but he did score a $50,000 Powerball prize in the Sept. 27 drawing.

Going by the name “Please Volunteer” to highlight his commitment to community service, the winner said his ticket purchase “was a complete impulse buy.” He was stuck in traffic on Sept. 26 and heard on the radio that the Powerball jackpot was well in excess of $300 million. “Please Volunteer” stopped at Food Lion #1423 and bought a bunch of tickets. He won a third-tier prize with his quick-pick ticket while the jackpot rolled again, ending weeks later at $699.8 million in the Oct. 4 drawing.

The 43-year-old and his wife are attracted by big jackpots because of the “little dream moments” they and their children share after buying tickets. They dream about ways to spend the jackpot should they win, he said. For example, “Please Volunteer” said his eight-year-old son envisions having an arboretum that encloses a year-round swimming pool and garden. His daughter, 6, would like to see the house filled with toy animals, or “stuffies,” as she calls them.

He plans to give the kids lessons in family practicality and community service in spending his $50,000 prize. Some money will go for home repairs, he said. Some will go into college funds for the two children (the daughter wants to be veterinarian, the son, a marine biologist), and some will go to a charity, with the kids helping to decide which one.

A volunteer himself, “Please Volunteer” has firsthand knowledge of the need for community involvement. He encourages everyone to look for a community organization that needs a hand and do what they can.

“Please Volunteer” can thank his lucky Lottery retailer, Food Lion #1423, for its role in his win, too. The store is located at 2458 Churchville Road in Bel Air.