An Extra Night’s Stay at Truck Stop Leads to Big Payday

Truck driver claims $83,775 win on FAST PLAY Pay Day ticket

Perhaps it is true that haste makes waste, which is why a patient out-of-state truck driver wound up with a rewarding payload. After deciding to stay at a Maryland truck stop one more night, the lucky Maine resident won $83,775 playing the FAST PLAY Pay Day game.

The 59-year-old found his lucky Maryland payday at Travel Centers of America in Elkton. On his last night at the truck stop, the winner decided to try his luck with a Maryland Lottery ticket. He opted for the $5 progressive jackpot game, Pay Day. After spending mere minutes looking at the ticket in disbelief, he asked the clerk to verify the win. The clerk scanned the ticket and looked at the lucky man with an eyebrow raised.

“Once the clerk looked back with eyebrows raised, I knew I had a winner,” said the truck driver.

He was so excited about his win that he’s already told family, friends and co-workers. A truck driver for 39 years, the Portland resident has just passed 4.3 million miles on the road. Asked of his plans for his $83,775 win, the player said he plans to pay off his car loan and then buy a new truck and a Harley-Davidson.

The Pay Day progressive jackpot game is one of 20 exciting FAST PLAY games and went on sale in June 2020. There are still 14 progressive jackpots remaining and 16 ways to win with this ticket.

Also a winner is the Lottery retailer. Travel Centers of America located at 1400 Elkton Road in Cecil County earns a bonus from the Lottery of $837.75. The bonus is equal to 1% of the prize.