Animal Technician Goes for the Gold, Wins $100,000

Laurel woman claims top prize on Gold X50 scratch-off

Every week a Laurel woman visits a nearby Lottery retailer to play a game or two. She’s familiar with and plays all Lottery games, but one day she was drawn to a $10 Gold X50 instant ticket. She decided to go for the gold and won $100,000!

The lucky lady’s winning story begins with a visit to Kensington Sunoco located at 10550 Connecticut Avenue in Kensington. She went to the Lottery kiosk and the first instant ticket that caught her eye was the Gold X50 game. After scratching the instant ticket off in the store, the animal technician immediately saw that she was a big winner. She managed, somehow, to keep her composure in the store and remain quiet.

“I felt weird,” the loyal player said. As soon as she had the chance, she shared the great news with her family. The happy winner plans to save her prize for retirement and to spend time with family members.

Her lucky Montgomery County retailer can also celebrate her Lottery luck. Kensington Sunoco will receive a $1,000 bonus from the Lottery for its role in selling a $100,000 top-prize winning scratch-off.

The Gold X50 game, which debuted in January with 10 $100,000 top prizes, is a member of a Gold Multiplier family of games and the Gold Multiplier second-chance promotion. The Laurel winner claimed the game’s fourth top prize. Seven $50,000 second-tier prizes also remain along with 21 $10,000 prizes. Other members of the scratch-off family are the $1 Gold X5, $2 Gold X10 and $5 Gold X20 games.