Baltimore Powerball Jackpot Chaser Wins $50,000

Recent retiree putting winnings in bank

A recently retired longtime Maryland Lottery player from East Baltimore won $50,000 in the May 2 Powerball drawing, but he’s still playing in hopes of a bringing home the ticket to a multimillion-dollar jackpot.

“This is a blessing. Times are hard. I just appreciate winning,” he said on May 5 at Maryland Lottery headquarters in Baltimore while claiming his prize. Having retired about a month ago, the 67-year-old plans to put the money in the bank. “That’s where it belongs!” he said.

The windfall was his largest Lottery win by far. He has occasionally claimed smaller prizes on scratch-offs in the range of “$50 here and there,” he said, adding, “I’m really waiting on the big one!”

The Powerball jackpot chaser plans to continue to play his combinations, which are based in part on important family dates. He bought his lucky ticket at Tobacco Barrel #307, which is located at 3843 East Lombard Street in the city.