Calvert County Resident Lands $100,000 Scratch-off Win With Lunch

Retiree claims top prize on Blizzard Bucks game

After starting his day by helping a relative move a boat to winter storage, a hungry Calvert County resident decided to stop at a grocery store to buy scratch-offs to play while he waited at a nearby sub shop for his lunch order.

As he waited, the man who spent the day helping others got a helping hand from Lady Luck. He won $10 on one of the four $5 scratch-offs he had purchased and then began playing his two $10 Blizzard Bucks holiday instant tickets. When he uncovered an auto win symbol on one of the games, he slowly began revealing the prize.

“I saw a 1, I saw zero and then I said, ‘$10,’” he recalled. He continued revealing the prize amount, one number at a time, while waiting for his sandwich. “I saw another zero and another zero, another zero and another zero.” He tried not to react. “I wanted to keep it quiet.”

The lucky Lottery player took his sandwich and scratch-offs outside and stood in the parking lot, reviewing the winning instant ticket and scanning it on his mobile app to confirm the $100,000 top-prize win. “I checked it two or three or four times,” the winner said. He then phoned family members, from his two adult children to his grandkids, to share news of his Blizzard Bucks good fortune.

One of his three grandchildren, who was among those doubting his big score, even came to his house later that day to look over the scratch-off. The county government retiree said he plans to put his Lottery win into his retirement fund. He bought the lucky ticket at Giant #146 located at 655 Solomon’s Island Road in Prince Frederick. The store receives a $1,000 bonus from the Lottery for selling the ticket.

The Blizzard Bucks game debuted on Oct. 17 with the Lottery’s four other Holiday scratch-offs and is part of the Holiday Cash Second-Chance Promotion. Get extra chances to win! Enter your non-winning holiday scratch-offs into My Lottery Rewards. Five players will win $2,500 each per drawing for 11 drawings, with the Week 12 drawing creating five winners of $2,500 each and five winners of $25,000 each. The promotion runs now through Jan. 10, 2023.