Charles County Dabbler in Games of Chance Wins $16,000 Keno Prize

Edna Johnson of Charles County scored the biggest win of her life on a game of chance recently, taking home a $16,000 Keno prize.

Lucky player scores big win with Super Bonus feature

An Indian Head resident who dabbles in Maryland Lottery games and church picnic raffles recently collected a $16,000 Keno prize, which is the biggest score of her life.

“I’m just so happy! I thank God!” said Edna Johnson of Charles County.

On Jan. 18, when the 72-year-old was at Bryans Road US Fuel, she played a 10-spot Keno game for five draws and added the Super Bonus option. Then, in the first game, nine of her 10 numbers appeared for a $4,000 prize. The Super Bonus multiplier quadrupled her winnings.

“I couldn’t believe my eyes!” she said.

The happy player has kept a low public profile because of the resurgence of COVID-19 infections. Edna hasn’t planned any celebration of her big win, although a seafood dinner is likely in her future. Neither does she have big plans for spending her winnings. The Charles County resident will pay off some bills and put the rest into savings to help her “stay ahead.”

Over the years, Edna has played a variety of Lottery games, bought tickets in church picnic raffles and the like for entertainment. She plans to continue playing games of chance but with renewed enthusiasm about the possibility of winning. “Maybe, if I’m lucky enough, I’ll buy another winning ticket!” she said.

Sharing in her luck is Bryans Road US Fuel at 3155 Marshall Hall Road in Bryans Road. The Charles County retailer picks up a Lottery bonus of $160, equal to 1 percent of the prize, for selling a winning Keno ticket worth $10,000 or more.