Charles County Man Cries Tears of Joy after Scratch-Off Win

White Plains resident claims $100,000 prize on $100,000 Extreme Cash instant ticket

A stay-at-home dad from White Plains just received his biggest and most tear-jerking win yet. The lucky player took a chance on two $30 instant tickets. Both were winners, with one yielding a very small prize and the second $100,000 Extreme Cash scratch-off giving the joyful Charles County resident a $100,000 payday.

The 46-year-old found his lucky instant tickets at Westlake Liquors in Waldorf. He prefers to select scratch-offs either from the beginning or end of the roll. This time was no different.

“I cried tears of joy,” the happy winner said upon discovering his Lottery luck. Afterwards, he shared the great news with his wife of 13 years and his two children. He told Lottery officials that he will spend some of his newfound fortune to pay off bills, go holiday shopping and get into the real estate business.

His lucky Lottery retailer, Westlake Liquors located at 1182 Smallwood Drive, will receive a $1,000 bonus from the Lottery for its role in selling a $100,000 top-prize winning scratch-off. The $100,000 Extreme Cash ticket went on sale in September 2020 beginning with 64 $100,000 top prizes. There are still nine top prizes remaining along with more than 80,000 prizes ranging from $30 to $5,000.