Glen Burnie Player Scores $100,000 On Seasonally Themed Scratch-off

Player claims second of Blizzard Bucks game’s nine top prizes

The Anne Arundel County resident says he enjoys playing new Maryland Lottery scratch-offs, so the $10 seasonally-themed Blizzard Bucks game was exactly what he wanted to buy. His choice was that much better when he matched an auto-win holiday bell symbol with the game’s $100,000 top prize.

“This is amazing!” the 34-year-old said on Dec. 5 while claiming the prize at Lottery headquarters in Baltimore. He was the second person to claim one of the game’s nine $100,000 top prizes.

The Glen Burnie man said he was in disbelief and ended up checking his instant ticket multiple times before making an appointment to claim the prize at Lottery headquarters. Even after going through the claims process, he was still a little thrown off by the big win.

While he had given no thought to what to do with the lion’s share of the big prize, he was certain of one thing: there will be a huge celebration “with a family dinner. We’ll have fun!”

An occasional player, the lucky winner has picked up a few small prizes in the past of “a couple hundred here and there.”

He bought the hot scratch-off at Glen Burnie Mobil, 7200 Ritchie Highway in Glen Burnie. For selling a $100,000 top-prize winning instant ticket, the business receives a Lottery bonus of $1,000, equal to 1% of the prize.

The Blizzard Bucks game debuted on Oct. 17 with the Lottery’s four other Holiday scratch-offs and is part of the Holiday Cash Second-Chance Promotion. This game is still packed with prizes, including 25 $10,000 second-tier prizes and 41 $1,000 prizes.