Chasing the Powerball Jackpot Leads to $50,000 Win

Billboard sign lures Prince George’s County man to buy a ticket    

A 58-year-old Prince George’s County man, who works as a nurse, and his co-worker were on their way home from their shift on Oct. 7, when the huge billboard message about the Powerball jackpot caught their eye. So, they made a pit stop in Halethorpe to purchase a ticket that ultimately made him $50,000 richer.

“It was actually my friend’s suggestion to stop,” said the winner. “She said, ‘wow, the jackpot is huge, we should try’.”

So, the lucky guy pulled off the highway and stopped at the Royal Farms store in Baltimore County and they each purchased a few tickets.

“On the way home from work the next day, we stopped to check our tickets,” said the married grandfather. “When I scanned my ticket and it said $50,000, we were both so excited.”

The Capitol Heights man matched four of the white balls and the red Powerball number to take home a third-tier prize.

When the excitement settled a bit, the big winner made his way to Baltimore late last week to claim the prize at Lottery Headquarters.

The first thing he plans to do is give a little to his friend from work, since it was her idea to stop in the first place. He then shared that he will help family and purchase Christmas gifts.

His winning Powerball ticket came from the Royal Farms #046 located at 4308 Washington Boulevard in Halethorpe.