Clerk’s Random Game Picks Lead to $224,935 FAST PLAY Win

St. Mary’s County emergency services worker wins game’s jackpot

While lucky numbers can lead to a Maryland Lottery win, a FAST PLAY game called Lucky Numbers gave a Mechanicsville man his big win. The game, one of several selected at random by a clerk, was his ticket to a six-figure progressive jackpot prize. It turned his $10 Lucky Numbers game purchase into $224,935 in an instant!

The emergency services worker said his big win happened when he was following his routine. He often visits an area corner store, Race-N In, to buy a few small items and a Lottery ticket. This time, the 41-year-old pushed $15 across the counter and asked the clerk to pick out a couple of FAST PLAY games at random. Shortly after his purchase, the player checked his Lucky Numbers ticket. He didn’t see anything exciting right away.

“I must have missed something, because I put the ticket’s QR code under the scanner and it chirped back a strange message and things got really quiet. That’s when I knew I had won,” he said.

The St. Mary’s County resident took a closer look at the ticket and saw the word “progressive” under a matching number. A quick check of the progressive jackpot amount at the top of the ticket confirmed he won $224,935!

“I showed the clerk and the owner the ticket and asked ‘Who do I have to hug,’ ” said the winner.

Although the reality of his big win had not truly set in, the player said he had already thought about how to use his lucky payout. He plans to save most of the prize after paying off bills and buying a new truck.

The site of his FAST PLAY Lucky Numbers progressive jackpot win was Race-N In located at 26755 Stone Corner Lane in Mechanicsville. For selling a progressive jackpot-winning ticket of $100,000 or more, the St. Mary’s County business will earn a $1,000 bonus from the Lottery.