Dog Getting Own Car Seat, Thanks to $30,028 FAST PLAY Win

Baltimore angler claims SLINGO® prize after buying winning ticket in Catonsville

A fishing buddy who happens to be a loyal dog will soon ride in style, thanks to a Baltimore man’s $30,028 progressive jackpot win on SLINGO®, a $3 FAST PLAY game.

It’s not the first time the dog – and her human – have benefited from a big Maryland Lottery win. Speaking June 28 while claiming his five-digit prize, the anonymous winner reflected on a 2017 win at the six-digit level. That time, he won $100,000 and used the money to change residences, buy a truck, give some funds to his church and take a trip to Las Vegas.

Although his truck from the previous win is generally fine for fishing trips, he said his dog prefers to not share the front seat – and the vehicle only has a front seat. The purchase of a car will allow the beloved dog to sprawl out and have the backseat to herself.

“She needs her space,” the winner declared.

Dog space is important because the two regularly travel to tidewater locations across Maryland in pursuit of flounder, white perch and, especially, rockfish. And, the winner can back up his fish stories with photos of very substantial fish and a happy dog.

On the occasion of his recent SLINGO® win, the loyal player had just picked up his medication and decided to swing by Ingleside Food Mart at 1022 Ingleside Avenue in Catonsville to cash out a winning ticket worth $1,000. He used $60 from his prize to buy 20 SLINGO® tickets because the progressive jackpot on the game had increased to $30,000.

As his tickets printed, the player noticed that the jackpot amount on the ticket had decreased to its starting point of $14,000, so he was a little disappointed as he started checking the tickets for a win. After a few minutes of checking and rechecking, he realized the jackpot had reset because one of his tickets won the jackpot amount of $30,028.

“I thought someone else hit,” he said, adding that the realization that it was actually him “blew me away!”

Sharing in the lucky angler’s good fortune is Ingleside Food Mart, which receives a bonus of $300.28, equal to 1% of the prize, from the Lottery, for selling a jackpot-winning FAST PLAY ticket.

This is the second jackpot-winning ticket sold in the game since it went on sale Feb. 6, 2023. The FAST PLAY SLINGO® game has a progressive jackpot that starts at $14,000 and increases with the sale of each ticket until a winning ticket is purchased. There are 13 progressive jackpots remaining in the game.