Free Pick 5 Ticket Gives White Marsh Resident a $25,000 Surprise

Ticket awarded through recently concluded ‘Try Pick 5’ promotion

A Baltimore County resident just experienced a $25,000 payday for patronizing a Baltimore Lottery retailer and being in the right place at the right time to win a free Pick 5 ticket.

The lucky 42-year-old received the free 50-cent straight-bet quick-pick ticket through the Lottery’s Try Pick 5 promotion that ended June 5. During the promotion, players had a chance to receive a randomly awarded free ticket with the purchase of any Lottery draw game ticket. The winner received the free ticket for the May 21 evening drawing when he was making his Lottery purchases at Belvedere Plaza Liquors in Baltimore. The surprising win came on the numbers 54507.

The White Marsh player isn’t our only winner. Belvedere Plaza Liquors located at 5658 The Alameda in Baltimore earns a $250 bonus from the Lottery for its role in the big win.